Krystaly, Hradec Králové, a.s.

About us

Company KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s. is business unit which is concerned exclusively with production of custom specified components based on Synthetic Quartz, eventually other piezoelectric materials. Main branches of activities are based on properties of these materials, which are used to stabilize and filter frequencies in electronics and industrial electromechanical sensors. There are 3 main fields of interest, manufacturing and sales of piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Units, manufacturing and sales of  assembled components thatis Monolithic Quartz Crystal Filters, Quartz Crystal Filters, Oscillators. Third field is manufacturing Quartz Substrates for filters with Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) for use in telecommunications, sensors and other SAW components applications.
In all mentioned fields we provide custom activities for predetermined customers, always on a basis of  agreed upon parameters required by customer specification. Convenience of our offer is short delivery time, quick re-action to what-so-ever the requirement is, we deliver even small ordered quantities. In the field of Quartz Crystal Units we are focused as one of scarce companies in the world both to channel crystals used in professional applications and in applications for amateurs. Technology for finishing Quartz Substrates can be used even for other materials today used in electronics such as lithium-niobate and lithium-tantalate where we offer  renewal by re-polishing.

For all our fields of activities we have regular customers both in EU and USA and countries of the world. Our company staff consists of 80-90 qualified employees. Our own R&D  provides development of above mentioned fields of activities in the frame of up-to-date trends and innovations and helps to specify customer requirements where it is needed.

Our company was issued ISO 9001:2000  since 2001. At present we have certification under ISO 9001:2009 and prepare for ISO 14001:2005 certification.


Production of piezoelectric resonators in Hradec Králové started in year 1952, when research and development results of universities and R&D center in Prague were transferred to Hradec Králové and production shop was established. In 1964 the name of company changed to TESLA n.p. Hradec Králové, later transformed into TESLA group of companies.
Production of Quartz Crystal Units was given support by purchase and introduction of TELEQUARZ technology, and productivity was improved and range of products changed according to customer requirements. After year 1989 company changed to stock company and then in 1993 Quartz Crystal Unit branch was separated and KRYSTALY, a.s. was founded, and started its own independent business. Starting in 1996 under the name KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s. new branch of business was integrated to existing ones, production of Quartz Crystal Wafers for SAW filters.
Through years 2000 – 2001 company improved, using own resources, production facilities and permanently developed all 3 main branches focusing all main investments into filter production. Influenced by customer requirements changes filter branch became load-bearing one, where production partly oriented into field of filters in ceramic packages.
Bearing in mind partial decrease of production through years 2008 and 2009, company is stable supplier of its own products into EU region, domestic and other countries all over the world.



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