Temperature sensitive crystals

General application

High precision temperature measurement (sensitivity mK)


High sensitivity, good / excellent linearity, high long-term stability


Temperature sensitive crystals can by assembled in metal packages designed for through hole mount (i.e. HC-49HC-52, UM-1, UM-4, UM-5), as well as in ceramic packages [a]

Typical specifications

Type Temperature crystals
Frequency range 4 – 40 MHz
Sensitivity of frequency on temperature 20 – 90 ppm/K
Working temperature range -50 … +125 (+200 [b]) °C
Non-linearity 5 x 10-2 … 1 x 10-3 [c]
Equivalent series resistance (ESRmax) 5 … 50 ohm [d]
Time constant for temperature step 10°C [e] for sensitivity 0,1°C
for sensitivity 0,01°C
for sensitivity 0,001°C
101 sec
1 min
3 … 10 min

[a] – ceramic packages have a longer time constant
[b] – temp. range can be extended up to +200°C at the expense of slightly worsened hysteresis and aging
[c] – nonlinearity closely related to sensitivity
[d] – ESRmax depends on the choice of frequency and package size
[e] – The time constant depends on the type of package, gas filling of package, environmental conditions, etc.

Differences from standard values and other parameters can be consulted.