Terms of Service

Basic, delivery and payment conditions



The prices of our products set individually according to the required technical parameters and the desired quantity. For each order a price reduction depending on quantity is provided.


Quotations made by KRYSTALY, Hradec Kralove, a. s. are valid for 4 weeks unless otherwise stated.

Order Confirmation:

Order confirmations are sent out for all orders within 3 days after receipt.

Delivery time:

Delivery time is within 30 days after receipt of order usually. In case of small quantities in stock, delivery time can be less than 14 days after receipt of order.


Our customers can choose following two ways :
a) by post ( air mail parcel )
b) by UPS ( express deliveries )


Usually is required payment in EUR, USD or CZK by banking transfer to our account at CSOB Praha within 30 days after receipt of goods and invoice.

Period of guarantee:

Maker provides guarantee of 24 months regarding, function, material and performance.