Krystaly, Hradec Králové, a.s.


The company KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s. is Czech private company which produces:

Company links to the 60 years tradition of manufacturing piezoelectric crystal units in Hradec Králové. Specializes in production of Quartz Crystal components both for professional applications and for series production of standard Quartz Crystal elements respectively.

Company KRYSTALY, Hradec Králové, a.s. is located in important East-Bohemian administrative and industrial center, long-lived city of Hradec Králové. City is located 100 km from capital city of Prague. Both cities are connected by new highway D11.
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Hradec Králové, a.s. 
Okružní 1144 
500 03 Hradec Králové 3 
Česká republika